The "Starter Drug" for the Mystic World of Aquariums

Simple yet elegant, the architectural lines of the FLUVAL EDGE capture emotion and serenity in an easy to use aquarium set. With fully integrated halogen lighting and power filtration, the EDGE brings life to any home or office space.

Sealed glass top provides spectacular high definition viewing and reduces evaporation for less maintenance.

Retractable halogen lighting system, suitable for slowly growing aquatic plants and casts a unique shimmering effect. Powerful easy to use EDGE Filter with Cycle Guard accessible from above and 3-stage filtration to ensure clear water and a healty envornment.

Included in the aquarium kit:
  • Six-sided sealed tank with base (illustration)
  • Low voltage halogen lighting system with 2 bulbs (illustration)
  • Removable cover for easy aquarium and filter access (illustration)
  • Overhead ventilation grill dissipates lamp heat and avoids moisture (illustration)
  • The pre-filter sponge prevents small aquarium inhabitants from being drawn into the filter (illustration)
  • Aquarium external filter with 3-stage filtration (illustration)
  • NUTRAFIN Aqua Plus Water Conditioner, 30 ml (illustration)
  • NUTRAFIN Cycle Biological Aquarium Supplement, 30 ml (illustration)
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FLUVAL EDGE Accessories Accessories There are several FLUVAL EDGE Accessories available (sold separately)
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FLUVAL EDGE Arten EDGE friendly species: All dwarf shrimps, dwarf crayfish of the Cambarellus species, algaevorous snails, Neritina, Clithon and a lot more.
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